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Doru Captar Doru.Captar at electricats.ro
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1. Question

I have installed OpenCms 7.0.3 in /webapps/ROOT/ with opencms.war renamed root.war (first I have renamed ROOT). I need to access the site(s) with http://www.my.domain<http://www.my.domain/>(s)

I can access system login with http://www.my.domain/root/opencms/system/login/

(The IIS 6.0 Default Web Site has Home Directory $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/root )

But after typing username and pass it looks for http://www.my.domain/root/system/login/index.html

And, of course, can't find it.

Other Tomcat examples work well http://www.my.domain/servlets-examples/  or http://www.my.domain/jsp-examples/

My config is Win2003 R2 + IIS 6.0 + Java SDK 1.5.06 + JK 1.2.14 + Tomcat5.5 + OpenCms 7.0.3

I have read the document Alkacon OpenCms 7 Howto Setting up httpd Tomcat and mod_proxy and the document for serving multiple sites, but the documents are for Apache+Tomcat+OpenCms.

I need something similar for IIS 6.0

2. Question:

The web server is in DMZ can I access system/login only from non-public address

Thanks in advance.

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