[opencms-dev] Wrong dialog handler: org.opencms.frontend.templateone.CmsPropertyTemplateOne

David Trattnig david.trattnig at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 16:46:16 CET 2007


I've found a dialog handler in the default workplace configuration of
OpenCms 7.0.3 which is part of the Template One Addon:

      <!-- Dialog handlers are configurable for the workplace dialogs:
delete, lock/unlock and file properties.
             If OpenCms does not start because a customized dialog handler
class is not found, use the following default dialog handler classes:
             Delete dialog: org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsDelete
             Lock dialog: org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsLock
             Property dialog:
      <dialoghandler class="org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsDelete"/>
      <dialoghandler class="org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsLock"/>
      <dialoghandler class="*

I reckon this has been mixed up - the orginal handler was *
*This just happens in the zipped download-version of OpenCms 7.0.3 - the CVS
version seems to be okay.

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