[opencms-dev] FCK Editor integration with openCMS

Andreas Zahner A.Zahner at alkacon.com
Thu Dec 29 16:59:33 CET 2005


the FCKeditor is ranked as "best available" editor, so you do not have to
configure anything else to use it. The preferred editor is set in the
"Preferences" dialog of the OpenCms workplace.

In OpenCms 6.0.x versions, it is not possible to define other editors for
usage in XMLcontents, this is only possible in the current development
branches 6.1.x, which are not available for download, only in the CVS branch
"dev_6_0_1". These features will be part of the next official 6.2.0 release
of OpenCms.


Andreas Zahner
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I imported the org.opencms.editors.fckeditor_1.0.0.zip in order to integrate
with openCMS version 6.0.2. 

The integration was successful. I restarted openCMS and everything works
fine. Can you please let me know how do I configure this editor as my
default editor and also what are the steps that I have to follow in the XSD
template to define the HTML Editor. Any help is appreciated.


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