[opencms-dev] clarification regarding internal link validation

Manoj Kumar Konakalla konakalla at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 11:01:33 CET 2005


I am developing the static content in opencms. I want to perform the
internal link validation before publishing the file.

For testing purpose I have given a bad link and when I say publish it was
giving error as

 *Validating links ...*
( 1 / 1 ) Validating links in file
... found broken links!
*Broken link summary ...*
Broken links in
*... end of broken link summary*
*Found broken links in validated resources!*
*... finished validating links*
which is perfect.

But when I am using the Internal Link Validation option from Administration,
it simply gives the following message.

 *Validating links ...*
*... finished validating links*

Want to know whether this is a known bug or I need to configure some
settings in OpenCms.

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