[opencms-dev] authenticate users for a page

Michael Emmerich emmerich at german-navy.de
Tue Dec 27 10:37:18 CET 2005

A simple solution would be the following:

Put your page which requires authentification inside a folder.
Name your page index.html
Add the folder to the navigation and keep the guest permissions there -> 
the folder is visible in the navigation for evrybody
Remove the guest permissions from the page (index.html) inside the 
folder -> if you click on the fodler in the navigation, it calls the 
index.html inside which is not readable for guests -> the 
authentification is shown.

This is not tested, but it shoudl work :)

Michael Emmerich

> Hi all,
> I would like to authenticate users for special pages in my site in the 
> case that all users can view pages in navigation menu but in order to 
> read them login form for authentication is shown.In other word I want to 
> show pages which needs authentication in menu.
>  So I have made a login form  and set login-form property of a page to 
> login-form url. For this page if I remove guest permission, it's 
> navigation name is not visible in navigation menu for guests but in 
> requesting page url, login form is shown for authentication.
> But in the case that my page has guest permission, login form is not shown.
> Would you please give me a solution to show a page navigation in menu 
> but as soon as click it, login form appears for authentication.
> Regards,
> Farnaz Fotrousi
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