[opencms-dev] Resource Bundles

Pere Torrodellas ptorrodellas at fihoca.com
Wed Dec 21 09:29:45 CET 2005

Hola Jorge, this was my approach to the problem:

- Load your data in Singletons that have a method to get it and another to
reload it.
- Build a class that implements I_CmsEventListener, and register an instance
of it as:

int[] events = {I_CmsEventListener.EVENT_PUBLISH_PROJECT};
OpenCms.addCmsEventListener(listenerInstance, events);

- Its cmsEvent(CmsEvent ev) method will be invoked each time a resource is
published. There, I look at the list of published resources and decide,
based on their path, if I should reload the data. This is the code I use:

CmsUUID publishHistoryId = new
CmsUUID((String)ev.getData().get(I_CmsEventListener.KEY_PUBLISHID)); // Note
the typo
List publishedResources = cms.readPublishedResources(publishHistoryId);
Iterator it = publishedResources.iterator();
CmsPublishedResource pr = null;
String path = null;
while(it.hasNext()) {
    pr = (CmsPublishedResource)it.next();
   path = pr.getRootPath();
    * Here, analyse path and decide if it's one of the files to reload. If
    * so, invoke your Singleton reload method.



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> Hi list:
> Do anybody know a better approach to solve the resource bundle necesity of
> reloading the app server to update the translations / add new keys ?
> I can't understand why do i have to stop the content editors work to
> slightly change one frontend phrase, or add a new button label.
> Need help on it !
> Thanks.
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