[opencms-dev] browser hangs when editing page

Joe Desbonnet jdesbonnet at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 12:35:20 CET 2005

When this happens is the computer on the internet or off-line?
(Wondering if something is trying to reference something on the net)

On 12/19/05, Christoph P. Kukulies <kuku at physik.rwth-aachen.de> wrote:
> I posted this already once but got no answer. I have installed opencms 6.0.3 on
> my notebook and I can login to the workplace fine.
> Now I'm doing the following:
> In the Offline project I create a new 'page'.
> I click on the name of the title of that page (so I get the page, not the
> context menu).
> The page pops up in a separate browser window.
> The rose 'edit page' icon (let's  call it 'Box of Pandora')
> with the dotted horizontal divider line appears in the upper right corner.
> I click on that 'Edit' icon. The page editor comes up (editor.jsp).
> Now the browser activity animation (Mozilla logo in the upper right)
> runs and runs while the progress bar doesn't ever finish.

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