[opencms-dev] HowTo create a resource in opencms 6

Andras Balogh abalogh at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 12:27:01 CET 2005


And the List is I presume  a List of objects of type CmsProperty:


Thierry Collogne wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to opencms and to learn it, I 'm following the book from Matt 
> Butcher.
> This book was written for opencms 5, so some features are different.
> I'm no experinmenting with the api and it seems that it has changed a 
> lot.
> At some time in the book, a resource is created using the following 
> method:
> createResource(java.lang.String newResourceName, java.lang.String 
> type, java.util.Map properties, byte[] contents, java.lang.Object 
> parameter)
> This method is not present in opencms 6. Instead, there is the following:
> createResource(java.lang.String resourcename, int type, byte[] 
> content, java.util.List properties)
> I have no idea how to use the new one. What value should I use for 
> type (int???). What objects is the properties List composed of?
> Thanks,
> Thierry Collogne

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