[opencms-dev] Alkacon FCKeditor module >configuring Styles (css)

Andreas Zahner A.Zahner at alkacon.com
Mon Dec 19 13:19:29 CET 2005


have a look at the english Online help page included in the FCKeditor
module. Do the following to get the style dropdown:

A plain text file containing the style definition XML code has to be placed
in the same folder where the JSP template CSS style sheet is located in the
OpenCms virtual file system (VFS).

Remember to set the "template" property value of the OpenCms JSP template
file to the absolute VFS path of the style sheet. This ensures that the
WYSIWYG editor correctly displays the styles defined for the template. The
file containing the XML code has to be exactly named like the file name of
the CSS with the suffix "_style.xml" added.

E.g. for the CSS file "style.css" the style definition file has to be named
"style.css_style.xml". An example for a style XML syntax can be found in the
VFS folder "/system/workplace/resources/editors/fckeditor/fckstyles.xml".
Details about the usage and configuration of this editor can be found at the
documentation homepage http://wiki.fckeditor.net/.

For OpenCms 6.0.3 versions, edit all files in
"/system/workplace/editors/configuration/", and add the following key/value
pair to it: "option.style=true". Publish the files and restart OpenCms.

Other additional options supported by the FCKeditor module are:
- option.form: Shows additional buttons for form editing
- option.spellcheck (IE only): optional spell check of the content with
external downloadable tool
- (option.flash): insert flash movie, but be careful, the OpenCms link
replacement does currently not recognize the flash movie paths, so they
might be messed up when importing contents to another system!


Andreas Zahner
Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts

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How to configuring Styles (drop down list for css in the editor) on the
Alkacon FCKeditor?

Thank you.





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