[opencms-dev] OpenCms in Sybase ASE

João Dias joao.dias at sybase.pt
Mon Dec 19 12:03:49 CET 2005


I'm new to OpenCms, so first of all I installed it normally (Win2000 + Tomcat + MySQL) just to learn how it works.

Since I'm passed that, I want to install OpenCms 6.0.3 with Sybase ASE. I use jconnect 6 as driver, I can create the tables ok, but when it's time to setup the modules I get the following error:
    Caused by: com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException: Operand type clash: INT is incompatible with DATETIME
    27: ... 8 more
    26: at org.opencms.db.generic.CmsUserDriver.init(CmsUserDriver.java:642)
    25: at org.opencms.db.generic.CmsUserDriver.fillDefaults(CmsUserDriver.java:1631)
    24: at org.opencms.db.generic.CmsUserDriver.importUser(CmsUserDriver.java:568)
    23: Caused by: org.opencms.db.CmsDbSqlException: An SQL error occurred when executing the following query: com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybPreparedStatement at e3b9b4. 
    22: ... 7 more
    21: at org.opencms.db.CmsDriverManager.newDriverInstance(CmsDriverManager.java:4261)
    20: at org.opencms.db.generic.CmsUserDriver.init(CmsUserDriver.java:648)
    19: Caused by: org.opencms.main.CmsInitException: Critical error during OpenCms initialization: Unable to initialize the user driver. 
    18: at org.opencms.setup.CmsSetupWorkplaceImportThread.run(CmsSetupWorkplaceImportThread.java:155)
    17: at org.opencms.main.CmsShell.<init>(CmsShell.java:498)
    16: at org.opencms.main.OpenCmsCore.upgradeRunlevel(OpenCmsCore.java:1464)
    15: at org.opencms.main.OpenCmsCore.initConfiguration(OpenCmsCore.java:971)
    14: at org.opencms.db.CmsSecurityManager.newInstance(CmsSecurityManager.java:161)
    13: at org.opencms.db.CmsSecurityManager.init(CmsSecurityManager.java:2670)
    12: at org.opencms.db.CmsDriverManager.newInstance(CmsDriverManager.java:518)
    11: at org.opencms.db.CmsDriverManager.newDriverInstance(CmsDriverManager.java:4271)
    10: org.opencms.main.CmsInitException: Critical error while initializing driver "org.opencms.db.generic.CmsUserDriver".
    9: --------------------
    8: Giving up, unable to start OpenCms.
    7: Critical error during OpenCms initialization: Unable to initialize the user driver. 
    6: The following critical error occured:
    5: --------------------
    2: OpenCms property file: "/Library/Tomcat/apache-tomcat-5.5.12/webapps/opencms/WEB-INF/config/opencms.properties".
    1: OpenCms WEB-INF path: "/Library/Tomcat/apache-tomcat-5.5.12/webapps/opencms/WEB-INF/". 

Already compared SQLs for MySQL and Sybase and it all matches. Can anyone help?

Joao Dias
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