[opencms-dev] More questions on HTML import

Tosi, Joel JTosi at cme.com
Fri Dec 16 21:08:37 CET 2005

	Thanks for the follow-up and the explanation.  I'll probably
take your advice and put together a little module for this.

Thanks again,

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> The HTML import tool seems to be fine if you want to get flat html
> into the repository and edit it as an html page. 

This is exactly what the HTML import tool was made for. Import a 
structure of existing HMTL pages and convert them into xml pages in 
OpenCms. Pictures and dowlloads are moved into galeries in OpenCms.
It does not support other content types like structured xml content. 
(Simply because this tool was written when there was not xml content 

 > What if you want to
> import content in as a certain content type?  For example, can you 
> import a set of files that you know should be of the type 'news' so
> the content would be editable in the news content form?  We are 
> migrating from one other content management system to open cms and
> would make the migration much easier.  I can provide the old content
> an xml format similar to what the 'news' content would look like.

Currently there is no "out of the box" tool for this in OpenCms. But it 
shoudl be not too difficult to write a little tool that can import your 
xml files if they already have the correct structure.

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