[opencms-dev] More questions on HTML import

Andras Balogh abalogh at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 21:07:10 CET 2005


What You could try is to create 2 test news and export them in 
Administration -> DB Management ->Export.
This would create a zip file in WEB-INF/pakages.
If you check that zip file you will see it contains the 2 xml files and 
a manifest.xml file that describes the data.
If you can produce a zip file with the same format with all your old 
news you could import them in
DB Management ->Import.

Best regards,

Tosi, Joel wrote:

> The HTML import tool seems to be fine if you want to get flat html 
> files into the repository and edit it as an html page. What if you 
> want to import content in as a certain content type? For example, can 
> you import a set of files that you know should be of the type ‘news’ 
> so that the content would be editable in the news content form? We are 
> migrating from one other content management system to open cms and 
> this would make the migration much easier. I can provide the old 
> content in an xml format similar to what the ‘news’ content would look 
> like.
> Thoughts / ideas?
> Thanks
> Joel Tosi
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