[opencms-dev] Alkacon FCKeditor module available on opencms.org

Uwe König uwederkoenig at web.de
Fri Dec 16 18:02:18 CET 2005

Hello Alex, 

> Since the FCKeditor is apparently of great interest, we have also created a
> separate module that can be imported into an existing OpenCms 6.0.x
> installation. This module is available for download from the www.opencms.org
> "Download-->Modules" section.

I installed the FCKEditor-module without any problems, but the direct-publish-button doesn't work for me, similar to Sebastian Himbergers module. 

Another thing I've noticed: In the dropdown-box where I can select my preferred editor the FCKEditor is wrapped by three question marks, even after a restart of tomcat. 
Best regards und thanks for your great work, 

Uwe König 

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