[opencms-dev] Possible bug in 6.0.3 link validation?

Pere Torrodellas ptorrodellas at fihoca.com
Fri Dec 16 17:53:26 CET 2005


This strange behaviour looks like a bug, but I decided to explain it here
first, just in case I overlooked something.

1 - Pages in OpenCms 6.0.3 in system A (in folders under sites/default) have
links to PDF files in other OpenCms folders. Links in OpenCms sourcecode
editor are of the form:


and everything works fine.

2 - Contents are exported to OpenCms 6.0.3 system B. Here, links are the
same in sourcecode, as expected. Everything works fine Offline.

3 - When publishing, OpenCms reports broken links for those links, but shows
them as:


Note the added and unneeded "opencms/opencms" in the middle of the path.

4 - Publishing is forced in spite of the link validation errors.

5 - Links work perfectly Online! In the navigator source view, the above
link shows correctly as:

href="/socweb/export/sites/default/socweb_fitxers/comu/TRE.32.2002.pdf "

Note that the "opencms/opencms" in the broken link error report is gone.

This did not happen with a virtually identical application in OpenCms 6.0.0.
We have been developping also with 6.0.2 for a while but never
exported/imported the contents.

Can someone think of some explanation other than a bug in the link
validation system?

Thanks to all,


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