[opencms-dev] how to do lucene direct search query??

Benoit Joseph benoit.joseph at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 11:50:28 CET 2005


I'm making custom dev based on opencms 6.0.x. I've already extended
CmsDocumentXmlPAge to suit my needs and i have configured the source and
index. All that is working.

My problem is I need to make some special lucene query

something like

my_indexed_property:myValue AND my_indexed_date:[20051216 TO 20051231]

I don't see how I can do that.

I do not understand very well how the opencms query is built. My feeling is
all the input search terms are ORed and compared against  each  selected
fields. Am I right? If yes, we loose a lot of search features provided by

Can you tell me a way to pass a "raw" query to the lucene index without
modifying to much the opencms search core?

Thanks in advance


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