[opencms-dev] New structured content type - Context menu

Tomáš Adámek tomas.adamek at qbizm.cz
Fri Dec 16 10:28:13 CET 2005


pls is it possible to asign special entry in context menu for my new 
defined structured content type document ? My new type shows correctly 
in New Resource dialogs, everything works fine, but I need to define one 
entry in context menu specially for this type - it doesnt work for me. I 
am able to define this new entry for whole xmlcontent type, but then the 
entry shows within news/faq/etc menus too ;/

I tried to put some lines into opencms-workplace.xml:

            <explorertype name="mycontenttypename" 
key="fileicon.something" icon="something.gif">

but it didnt work this way - any ideas pls ? Thx in advance.

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