[opencms-dev] OpenCMS on multiple app servers

Tomáš Adámek tomas.adamek at qbizm.cz
Wed Dec 14 11:11:29 CET 2005


there would be problem with internal opencms cache implementation - 
opencms clears the cache when the file/folder is published. So thats 
mean that if You will publish some document on app1 server, it will be 
flushed from cache - but app2 server has no mechanism to check if the 
content of file was changed, so it will still show old content of file 
until u will restart application.

You will have to implement some notice mechanism to clear cache on app2 
when you make publish action on app1 server.

This problem was on opencms 5 but i think, that same cache mechanism is 
implemented on opencms 6 too.

>Our requirement is that if the server running opencms is brought down,
>the content editors will still be able to contribute content and users
>will be able to access the site.
>For this, we are planning to have opencms deployed on two app servers.
>There will be a single database and the app servers will NOT be
>clustered. OpenCMS on both the app servers will access the same
>database. Although this is not a completely fault tolerant system but
>we are hoping to achieve our objective.
>However, i'm not sure if there are any implications of this approach.
>For example, if we use App server A to publish content, will those
>changes be reflected in App server B? I am assuming it will be the
>case because VFS and the database will still be same.
>we are using opencms 6.0.2 with weblogic.
>Any inputs will be much appreciated.
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