[opencms-dev] OpenCMS on multiple app servers

www bot durgajee at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 06:07:19 CET 2005

Our requirement is that if the server running opencms is brought down,
the content editors will still be able to contribute content and users
will be able to access the site.
For this, we are planning to have opencms deployed on two app servers.
There will be a single database and the app servers will NOT be
clustered. OpenCMS on both the app servers will access the same
database. Although this is not a completely fault tolerant system but
we are hoping to achieve our objective.

However, i'm not sure if there are any implications of this approach.
For example, if we use App server A to publish content, will those
changes be reflected in App server B? I am assuming it will be the
case because VFS and the database will still be same.

we are using opencms 6.0.2 with weblogic.

Any inputs will be much appreciated.


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