[opencms-dev] about the installation on he fedora 4

Arash Kaffamanesh arash.kaffamanesh at pomegranate.de
Wed Dec 14 02:39:49 CET 2005

I never had any fedora installation, but on suse, debian and redhat,
lets try :-)
has the opencms.war file been exploded (unpacked) under the webapps
directory of your tomcat after deployment?
if yes, could you start the installation:
have you been able to run the setup to the end?
If not, try to give full write and control access on webapps/opencms to
the tomcat user, which runs your tomcat :-)
does the db user have enough privileges to write to the db (flush
could you provide some error log files and your OpenCms Version?
what do you mean with: but it didn't imported file into opencms
Kind Regards,

|arash kaffamanesh 

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 I tried to deploy the opencms on the fedora 4, but i failed. who can
share install experience about the installation on linux step by step?

I follow the tutorial in the opencms tar ball. all steps seems all
right, but it didn't imported file into opencms directory. 

my configuration:

fedora 4 + tomcat 5.5.12 + mysql 4.1 + jdk 1.5

thx a lot

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