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Arash Kaffamanesh arash.kaffamanesh at pomegranate.de
Wed Dec 14 00:13:22 CET 2005

please control the follwoing points:
does the templateone search find any documents under sites/default?
Or do you have defined your own site /sites/yoursite and changed the
settings for defining the index and source in opencms-search.-xml
If you have defined other locales, e.g "de", then you shall adjust your
settings in opencms-search.xml too!
Does any indizes have been generated under
Does the search in admin interface find anything?
Which OpenCms Version are u using (I had troubles also with 6.0.3, but
somehow I got it working)?
Kind Regards,
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I created a new Index and edited the opencms-search.xml. I did the
rebuild all, my indexer ran without any errors. But when I search I am
getting no results whatsoever. I need some help to debug this problem,


Madhavi Kodumuri

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