[opencms-dev] install problems on XP

Philip Doyle philip.doyle at novenaltd.com
Tue Dec 13 13:24:32 CET 2005

  I'd appreaciate some help cos I just cant get the installation to work. 
  I'm working on XP with JDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, MysQL 4.1.15. I pre-installed MySQL/Tomcat and they are working fine. 
  I then downloaded opencms 6.0.3 - unzipped and installed WAR in webapps  directory. The web based installation completed without errors - yet I  cant now access anything in my browser. IE 6.0 reports 'Page not found'  for all URLS I try. Firefox shows a blank page with no reported errors
  For example 
  All the database objects have been created as expected. 
  I have spent several days reviewing the configuration and trying  various configurations. I'm not a newbie to any of the technology  components so I'm mystified. 
  Anyone seen somethign similar
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