[opencms-dev] Deploy to weblogic8.1 sp2 problem

Jason Trump jason.trump at brulant.com
Tue Dec 13 05:17:00 CET 2005

Hi Celia,

The OpenCmsHome parameter should point to the WEB-INF directory of the unpacked WAR file.

You must either deploy OpenCms as an exploded WAR file (in unzipped format), or you have to figure out where your server is unpacking the war file, and set the OpenCmsHome parameter to point there.  I would suggest deploying it in unzipped form for simplicity.  So, for example,

> mkdir /bea/user_projects/applications/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/opencms   #create directory for unzipped archive
> cd /bea/user_projects/applications/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/opencms      #change into directory
> jar xvf /PATH/TO/opencms.war                                     #unzip archive

now, edit /bea/user_projects/applications/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/opencms/WEB-INF/web.xml and set the OpenCmsHome parameter to /bea/user_projects/applications/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/opencms/WEB-INF.

then do the handle404.jsp step as described in the email you found, placing the JSP file in /bea/user_projects/applications/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/opencms/system/handler/.

finally, in the WebLogic admin console deploy the opencms application from the directory /bea/user_projects/applications/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/opencms.

if you need to deploy the opencms war to a cluster, you will may need to perform extra steps to make sure the opencms app can find all of its configuration files.


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  Have anyone deployed opencms successfully in weblogic?  I cannot use tomcat because the deployment environment in my company is only Weblogic8.1 sp2.  I have decided to use opencms for my project because it is stated that it can be deployed in BEA weblogic.  Pls tell me how to solve the problems as stated below in the mail.  I need to resolve the issues urgently.  Otherwise, my supervisor may want me to look for other cms tool.  

Celia Khuk <kfuivoon at yahoo.com.sg> wrote:
  I try to deploy opencms.war into Weblogic server and I have error message "The OpenCms WEB-INF folder cannot be determined, please set the parameter "OpenCmsHome" in "web.xml"."
  I check the mail list archive and one suggests changing opencms.war to ROOT.war to deploy.  I tried and still got the same error.  Next, I try putting in the OpenCmsHome into web.xml with value ROOT.  It gives me another error "Unable to read the configuration filte \ROOT\config\opencms.properties".
  However I manage to deploy an unzip war file.  But after doing opencms setup, my browser doesn't display the pages properly.  I check the mail list archive and found need to modify web.xml for the 404 error page and it indicates to create a jsp file under opencms.war/system/handler/handle404.jsp.  But I can't find the directory.
  Can anyone pls tell me how to configure the web.xml for deploying war file and also where to put the handle404.jsp?
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