[opencms-dev] Site Creation Starategy

Mr Alireza Fattahi afattahi at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 11 09:04:24 CET 2005

          What is the best strategy if we want to create and manage many sites with  OpenCMS? Each site has its own look and feel and templates. Each site may have  its own users to update and manage their own site. There will be one manager  which has full access to all sites. 
          Of course because we want to have one tomcat and mysql, we should do  what is mentioned in "Configure OpenCms, httpd and Tomcat to serve  multiple sites" document. But we don’t know that: 
      1) Should we create each site as a module, because they have their own  template, or should we simply define each site as a folder?
      2) How should we configure galleries for each site?
  Are there any best practices out there which suggest a high level infrastructure  configuration with OpenCms?
  Alireza Fattahi
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