[opencms-dev] FCKEditor, OpenCMS 6.0.3 and my galleries don't want to function

Corbey, Clayton CorbeyC at brandonrha.mb.ca
Fri Dec 9 20:45:29 CET 2005

I've installed FCKEditor into OpenCms; the functionality is wonderful!
However I am having problems when it comes to the OpenCms galleries. If
I insert a picture, or a download, or external link from a gallery, when
I go to publish that file it says I have broken links.
If I delete the picture, download or external link, the CDATA tag
remains in the control file and publishing complains about a picture
that's not really even there.
It seems that the link is not dynamic more so than static (ie.
http://jasdhfjkasdhfj/sites/deault/galleries/img/mypicture.jpg instead
of /galleries/img/mypicture.jpg
d%20of%20/galleries/img/mypicture.jpg> )
How can I make it so that the galleries DO NOT default to
/sites/default/; that it recognizes my 'site' and 'project' and inserts
the picture with properties like the default msdhtml editor did?
Also so it doesn't insert the
http://laksdhflkahsdf/export/sites/ksjdfasd/ or whatever, what if I want
to change servers for my OpenCms without having to re-insert all
pics/downloads/links again.
Anyone? Help me?
-Clayton Corbey
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