[opencms-dev] Property Editing Issue

Ed Knutson ed at sixfoursystems.com
Thu Dec 8 18:51:50 CET 2005

I am trying to install and use OpenCMS 6.0.3 on WebSphere 5.1 with an 
Oracle 11g backend.

After replacing the system Xerces with Xerces 2 and putting Jakarta Oro 
in the JVM classpath, I am able to install OpenCMS, create and edit 
content.  However, when I try to attach a custom JSP template 
(/templates/default.jsp in my site VFS) to a JSP page, after filling in 
the property value in the Advanced Property editor, the admin interface 
appears to accept my change.  The template property does not get saved 
and I get a "VFS resource... already included" message when previewing 
the page.  The SystemOut.log contains the following stack trace whenever 
I try to save an advanced property:

[12/7/05 16:21:44:683 CST] 20c4ae5e CmsPropertyAd E 
org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsPropertyAdvanced  The workplace dialog 
caused an error.
[12/7/05 16:21:44:685 CST] 20c4ae5e CmsPropertyAd E 
org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsPropertyAdvanced  TRAS0014I: The 
following exception was logged java.lang.NullPointerException
javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java(Compiled Code))

I should note I was able to attach a template property earlier and it 
did work for a short time, but when I went to change a different 
property and save, the property was lost and now can not be replaced.

Also, I attempted to attach a template property to the parent site 
folder, so the template would be used by default throughout the site. 
Is this the proper way to apply a template to an entire site?  My 
problems seemed to start around this time.  The property was not saved 
for the site folder either.  Could this be causing the problem?

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