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Arash Kaffamanesh arash.kaffamanesh at pomegranate.de
Thu Dec 8 16:41:28 CET 2005

Hi Uwe,

I've tested it just now with the latest firefox 1.5, it works as a
charme with OpenCms 6.0.3.
Which firefox version are you using?

Kind Regards,

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Hello Sebastian, 

> can give a explanation of "don't work" please. Does simply happen
> nothing or do you get an Exception? We still use OpenCms 6.0.0 so i
> not tested the Module with 6.0.3. Maybe you could be so kind and look
> the javascript console of your browser and report the error message,
if any.

Sorry for the lack of details. Under 6.0.3, when I press the button
"Publish directly" (top-left) in the editor, I get an empty
browser-window. The back-button of the browser doesn't help and the
html-source of the page is empty. Sorry, but I can't get a
JavaScript-console for the popped-up OpenCMS-window (Firefox). 
The properties of the page are:



When I save the document and publish in OpenCMS after exiting the
editor, everything works as expected. 
Best regards, 

Uwe König 

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