[opencms-dev] Require opencms6.0.3 source code

François-Léonard Gilbert gilbertf at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 16:00:36 CET 2005


CVS uses some TCP ports that are not usually open in corporate
firewalls.  I had to download from home to get the source code of
OpenCms because the company policy here is "if it is not requested,
all ports are closed for security".

FTP and HTTP, on the other hand, are usually open in corporate firewalls.

Businesses that are really interested in open source software (by
opposition to cheapskates that want free tools) want easy source code
avaliability.  Those businesses are the best users to get, because
they will make updates and modules avaliable at no cost to the
community.  Therefore, we have to make the source easily avaliable.

Sourceforge has a nice "files" page for OpenCms;  it would reflect
positively on the software to show a version more current than
"production release 4.6" , which is dated ==>MARCH 2002<==.  This
makes OpenCms look like a dead project!

Please, this "get it from CVS" stance is counterproductive;  major
releases should be frozen and made avaliable in ZIP files.  RedHat
does it, why not Alkacon?

Just my two cents.
François-Léonard Gilbert

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