[opencms-dev] Where is French community?

Martin van den Bemt mvdb at ibl-software.nl
Thu Dec 8 09:02:11 CET 2005

Thanx achim :)
The translation isn't bad reading at all indeed...


Achim Westermann wrote:
> Hi,
> pasted to http://babelfish.altavista.com, translated and unedited it says:
> "Hello Michaël, For the moment, it does not seem to exist of 
> French-speaking community of users of OpenCms. On the other hand, my 
> organization is finalizing its choice of CMS, and OpenCms is in good 
> position; I will give news as soon as it is done (probably in 
> mid-January). As regards French documentation, it does not exist; the 
> Francization of the interface of version 6 is always to make! I would be 
> been willing to discuss price for the translation of the interface on a 
> purely personal basis (that will make a pretty project during the time 
> of the festivals!), provided that the result is made public then. The 
> goal is to attract French-speaking users, who then will become a 
> French-speaking community. François-Léonard Gilbert"
> that service seems to have improved... ;)
> regards,
> Achim

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