[opencms-dev] VfsFileWidget with files moving

Tosi, Joel JTosi at cme.com
Wed Dec 7 21:06:59 CET 2005

Is there any way for opencms to keep track of files moving / no longer
being valid?  Perhaps an example would better illustrate my question:


Say I have a word doc, a.doc, located at /this/path/a.doc


Now in a separate piece of structured content called 1.html, I created a
Vfs link to a.doc.


If I move a.doc to /this/new/path/a.doc, won't the link on 1.html be
broken since the VfsFileWidget stores the paths as absolute?  Or is
there a workaround / different widget?  What about if I remove a.doc
from the website, does the link on 1.html end up broken or is the link
smart enough to become unclickable?


I would think that this issue would be addressed but I don't see it
offhand in the documentation how this process would work.





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