[opencms-dev] Where is French community?

cherif multxt at free.fr
Wed Dec 7 16:41:43 CET 2005

hello Michael
Good idea, i was also thinking that is something to do in this area. I even
started to plan the work(but did'nt get enough time to go far in it). I
think also it's wil be great if Alkacon can validate the project at list
have a look(this can help building a document easy to update because of next
releases, even anticipate...)
So what about building the document strucutre and late Alkacon have a look
(if they can) then start the 'developpement' ?
best regards

...to start from scratch... i think NO. maybe
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Hello everybody,

I would like to join french community to help. How cant I do ? where
is the french developpers ?

I begin to write french documentation about OpenCMS 6 but a think it's
supid to start from scratch... but if it's obligatory...

So, french developper / translator contact me if you want help ;)

Best regards


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