[opencms-dev] opencms.org: no online manual & general site impression

Joe Desbonnet jdesbonnet at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 13:41:22 CET 2005

It would be really, really handy when answering questions on this list
to be able to include a hyperlink to the relevant manual page. But
this is not possible, because the manual is not on the opencms.org.
site. Ideally it sould be in a fixed location and not change with time
( eg http://www.opencms.org/doc/6.0.3/manual/... )

The only documentation I can find on opencms.org:
(it is for version 5)

On a slightly related topic, (and I know this is subjective so I'd
like to hear other people's opinion on this): I believe the
OpenCms.org site could be improved. It just seems out of sync with the
relatively nice and modern look of the software itself. And as I
pointed out above the content seems to be dating. I suspect this is
putting some people off evaluating the software.

For example put these two sites side by side:


As far as I can tell OpenCms is way ahead... but ask the office
receptionist which software they would consider evaluating first...


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