[opencms-dev] Need Help with Direct Editing

Mario D'Angelo mario.dangelo at e-dea.it
Tue Dec 6 13:15:20 CET 2005

Hi all,


I built a WebSite using templateone. It works very well, but it doesn't show
any Direct Edit button on published WebSite. I perform a standard Login


cmsLogin.login(username, password);


I also added the following lines after login to switch to the "Offline"


CmsTemplateBean cms = new CmsTemplateBean(pageContext, request, response);

CmsObject cmsObj = cms.getCmsObject();

CmsProject prjObj = cmsObj.readProject("Offline");


                                   if (cmsLogin.isLoggedIn()) 





But it doesn't work at all.


Please, somebody help me out with this, it is the last element for
completing the WebSite I have been working on for months.


Thank you in advance,








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