[opencms-dev] question about using OpenCms Template one

helen zhang xiaodog at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 5 22:42:18 CET 2005

Dear experts and helpers,

I am a beginner on OpenCms and I am trying to use the OpenCms Template One 
to build a simple website. After reading most of the docs online, I still 
have the following the questions. It would be very nice that someone can 
help me on this!

1) After I created a project, some of the files in the project are in color 
grey and I can't even have the context menu pops up or delete or lock or 
take out from navigation or whatsoever. I don't know what makes them be grey 
and how to make them able to use. The root of the file tree shows 

2) How to change the OpenCms template one's search button.. basically. how 
to customize the template. I kind of figure out how to customize the 
navigation tree now but still don't know how to customize the other part.

I thought the template should make building the website easy and Please let 
me know how the template suppose to work!

Thank you very much in advance,

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