[opencms-dev] Installation problem OpenCMS 6.0.3 under Windows XP

Zambra michael at zambra.com
Mon Dec 5 19:05:10 CET 2005


sorry if this issue was dealt with in the past. My system is:

Windows XP Pro SP1
Tomcat 5.5-Server
Java SDK 1.4.2_10
OpenCMS 6.0.3

I have been able to install Tomcat and have update my MySQL to the 
latest version (5). Both are running. I have deployed the OpenCMS 
war-file to the WebApps folder, and start the install procedure.

It seems to work, because it is being completed (Install complete 
message), but I see lots of exceptions. When trying to log in, I don't 
get anything from the address 
http://localhost:8080/opencms/opencms/login (blank page).  I've looked 
into the setup.log and seen lots of exceptions
due to wrong permissions.

The problem seems to start with:

20:    Guest at Online># Login the Admin user
21:    Guest at Online>login Admin admin
22:    Login failed!

The exceptions are of this type:
26:    Exception while calling method "createTempfileProject".
27:    org.opencms.security.CmsRoleViolationException: Error creating 
project for temporary workplace files.
42:    Caused by: org.opencms.security.CmsRoleViolationException: The 
user "Guest" does not have access to the required "Project manager" role.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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