[opencms-dev] opencms5 and image gallery slow

Andras Balogh abalogh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 16:37:40 CET 2005

Hello all,

    This is about the old opencms5.0.1 but maybe You can help me. We 
have a site developed in
opencms5 and  in the image gallery the site editors placed a lot of 
images and there are a lot of galleries
(approx. 20 ) some of them contains hundreds of images.
    They complain that image gallery popup in the HTML editor is opening 
slow. We have tried to provide
an initial filter to the opencms image gallery popup but i see in the 
code (CmsPictureBrowser.java) that
all images are read and the filter is applied from java code so the 
performance is the same.

Do you have an idea what we can do? Is there a way to track "old" images 
i.e. images not requested at all
from online site in the last X days? 
Any possibility to tell opencms to keep the list of images in cache 
Or any other idea?

Andras Balogh.

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