[opencms-dev] Deploying OpenCMS with WebLogic and Apache

Tosi, Joel JTosi at cme.com
Fri Dec 2 14:29:32 CET 2005

Thanks for the link.  I actually have no problem getting my other webapps to run between weblogic and apache.  That is a common architecture we use here.  
I was encountering a few issues setting it up like the paths that opencms was generating weren't correct when I made it the default web application for weblogic and then it could never find the workplace.css.  A bunch of small, one-off errors that just seem pesky to debug.  When I installed opencms just in weblogic (without apache) I didn't have any errors.

Our general architecture for web based applications is a cluster of apache web servers serving up the static content and a cluster of weblogic application servers serving up anything dynamic, any cgi / database interactions, etc.  The apache servers hand off the request based on either the location or the extension.  We also configure our web apps to serve anything static (images, javascript, stylesheets) from the apache cluster.

Our reasoning behind that architecture is because we don't want a site outage / performance degradation if one of our weblogic servers starts to spin or if we get a bad war file.  In addition, whenever we do maintenance on the application servers, that work is for the most part transparent to the user.  Finally, the scalability / cost.  I can't speak for the rest of the application servers, but on a 480 one weblogic server could handle maybe a few hundred concurrent connections before it starts complaining.  By front-ending the same box with apache, we can easily take on 400+ concurrent connections without any site degradation.

As for why we choose Apache for the web server and weblogic for the app server, we choose apache because of its stability and scalability.  Weblogic is our corporate standard, and it just so happens that is what was chosen as opposed to a websphere or other commercial application.  The reason why we aren't using like a JBoss or Tomcat is because the corporate attitude here is that they want to have someone to blame if something goes wrong that doesn't include pointing the finger at themselves.  Not the best attitude, but it is how they leverage risk.

If you have any other questions, I'd be more than happy to answer.


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This may be a start

I am interested how people mix and match web and app servers. May I ask
your reasoning behind Apache + Weblogic.

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Has anyone tried / been successful setting up opencms on WebLogic with
Apache as the frontend?  I see that the documentation references the
CoyoteConnector which I believe is Tomcat specific.



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