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i think part of the rationale for using numbers, is that there is an ordering on numbers for dependencies.  for example "module A needs at LEAST version 1.0.2 of module B"; in other words, version 1.0.3 is OK but version 1.0.0 is not.  converting to arbitrary strings makes these sort of rules more difficult to implement.

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I'd like to version my modules in a more complex way than just using

I tried to edit the manifest.xml but as soon as I use somthing like rc08 for
a release candidate the SAX parser complains: The version you provided is no
valid number. Right... but how come 1.0.0 is a "number" then?

I also tried to tell OpenCms to use 08 as the version. Now i've got version
8 of my module installed - which is logically the same as 08 :) - but
doesnt't fit our versioning scheme.

Would it be possible to use Strings instead of numbers for versioning?


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