[opencms-dev] adding a /sites/mysite

Joe Desbonnet jdesbonnet at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 13:12:27 CET 2005

I'm not 100% sure what the problem is, but here are two suggestions:

1. Don't use localhost for the worksplace-server. Use the proper server name
eg cms-server.mycompany.com:8080
or use IP numbers if there is nothing setup in DNS.

2. Use a unique "server" attribute for each site in the site tag. Ie don't
use "http://localhost:8080".  Instead use myExperimentalSite.mycompany.com
(I don't think it needs to be setup in the DNS or in apache, but I
suspect that OpenCms just needs unique strings in the "server"
attribute for each OpenCms "site" element.

Maybe someone who knows for sure can confirm this, as I don't have
time to experiment with OpenCms configuration to verify what I'm
saying right now...

Yes: this aspect of OpenCms is complex. But I think all CMS systems
(opensource or otherwise) also need a long learning period. However
the site creation is something that really should be in the admin GUI
in my opinion.


On 12/1/05, Christoph P. Kukulies <kuku at physik.rwth-aachen.de> wrote:
> I tried from various recipes I found but to no avail,
> to add a /sites/mysite to have a clean playground to start with.
> Last I tried was adding a line in opencms-system.xml:
> <sites>
>         <workplace-server>http://localhost:8080</workplace-server>
>         <default-uri>/sites/default/</default-uri>
>         <site server="http://localhost:8080" uri="/sites/default/"/>
>         <site server="http://localhost:8080" uri="/sites/mysite/"/>
> </sites>
> This already looks strange (the same server http://localhost:8080 entries)
> but I have no idea how to do it right.
> Opencms fails starting on this opencms-system.xml.
> Also Bernd Wolfsegger wrote in that mail I'm referring
> ( http://mail.opencms.org/pipermail/opencms-dev/2005q2/016400.html):
> "Well, you have to create a directory "/sites/www.mysite/" in the VFS and fill
> it with whatever you need for your site."
> How does one do this, "create a directory /sites/www.mysite"?
> Oh man, opencms is complicated. Sigh.
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> Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies kukulies (at) rwth-aachen.de
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