[opencms-dev] Problem with xmlcontent, controlcode and auto-generated editor

David R. Lopez B. dlopez at quiter.com
Thu Dec 1 12:34:00 CET 2005

Hello to all


I have followed all posts and tutorials in order to make the xmlcontent


Also, I have created the type and explorertype in order to create the
content from the user/admin  interface. 


I have used the examples on the doc, plus the info taken from the doc and


The only problem I have now, is that the editor gives me a NULL error, if I
do not assign controlcode manually to the new content.


I have checked other examples and I don´t get why this is happening.


Any ideas? Thanks. 


Also, If I would like to present a web page to a final user, instead of the
admin interface in order to post contents, any experience with this?


Best regards


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