[opencms-dev] GUI strangely screwed

Jeff White jeff.white at jvolution.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 11:32:34 CET 2005


If you have changed the <rendersettings><rfs-prefix> value in
opencms-importexport.xml frm "export" to something else the workplace
stylesheet path will change (why this is I have no idea!).
It is usually "/export/system/workplace/commons/style/workplace.css" and
there is a css file under the opencms folders to match.
If you do a view source of the workplace login you will see the path has
changed it is normally :-
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
Either set the config file back to "export" or copy the whole of this
directory to it's new position (this problem also affects the properties
popup in the WYSIWYG editor and other forms (files affected are
menu.css,new_admin.css,popup.css and workplace.css).


Jeff White

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> Difficult to describe in words so I made a little AVI film
> in
> http://mozart.physik.rwth-aachen.de/%7ekuku/opencms.rar
> showing how screwed my 6.0.0 GUI is after importing a 5.0 site.
> Any ideas why that is?
> I'm using rewriting to get rid of the :8080 and opencms stuff,
> maybe the cause lies in there?
> Sidenote:
> The file is a WINRAR archive. I was amazed that WINRAR cuts down
> the .AVI file from 9MB to 600 KB while even bzip2 only gets it down to
> 1 MB.
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