[opencms-dev] EL and OpenCMS macros

Jonathan Woods jonathan.woods at scintillance.com
Wed Nov 30 19:29:02 CET 2005

Scott -

Someone else will probably suggest something much cleverer, but in the last
resort you could always slip into scriplet land, and use full-blown Java
rather than all this tag stuff.  If it isn't clear from the Javadoc what the
Java equivalent is, you could revert to 6 alpha 3 and take a look at the
Java source generated, if it's retained.


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I am having a problem that I hope somebody can help with.  I currently have
a client who has a very large site that is developed and running on
6 alpha 3.  We are trying to migrate them to 6.03 / 6.02.  But I am having a
problem with their xml content pages and the interaction with
jsp2.0/jstl1.1 and the macroresolver in xmlcontent.

Basically I have a jsp that is trying to render xmlcontent and it has the
following fragment in it

<%@ page language="java" session="true"%> <%@ taglib prefix="cms"
uri="http://www.opencms.org/taglib/cms" %> <%@ taglib prefix="gto"
uri="/WEB-INF/customtaglib.tld" %> <cms:contentload collector="singleFile"

I am using 6.02 in tomcat 5.0.28 and I have changed the web.xml back to the
2.4 spec so it I can use jsp2.0 and jstl 1.1.

The problem with the above fragment is that the jsp compiler interprets the
opencms macro 




as an el expression. When the page gets called I get a runtime error that
says the attribute param does not except expressions according to the tld.
In alpha3 this was not a problem because the syntax was opencms:uri(which
bring up the interesting question of why the syntax was changed to something
that is exactly like el?  maybe I am missing something here) which is not
interpreted as el.  Obviously one solution is to this is to turn off el for
the page with a directive.. but later in many of my pages I have el.  I also
thought I could escape the el like this:


but that is not working as expected.  While it does not get interpreted as
el the cms:contentload tag does not receive the value ${opencms.uri}.
After some debugging I determined that it is receiving the value
^[{opencms.uri}.. where ^[ is an unprintable ascii character.

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here or have a workaround?

Scott Shealy

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