[opencms-dev] consistent user interface for OpenCms

Kai Schliemann k.schliemann at comundus.com
Wed Nov 30 15:34:49 CET 2005

Hi list, hi Alkacon,

as we work with OpenCms for quite a while now, we experienced every now and
then slightly inconsistencies in the user interface.
For example OpenCms uses 3 different "delete"-icons. Two different even in
one dialog (Account management --> User Management). The same icon in two
The third one is in the database export dialog.

OpenCms's usability improved a lot in version 6 but could be better.
Therefore we are right now working on a concept for a consistent
look-and-feel of OpenCms.

We would like to contribute this concept and of course the implementation to
the community, respectively to the OpenCms core.

We invite everybody to help us, to improve OpenCms in this matter and to
send suggestions for improvement to the mailing list.

If you guys from Alkacon (or anyone else) already have plans to work on this
matter we are willingly ready to help. Just let us know. If not, please tell
us, how we can contribute.


Kai Schliemann

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