[opencms-dev] Installation - browser specific?

Tosi, Joel JTosi at cme.com
Tue Nov 29 14:09:37 CET 2005

Interesting.  Thanks for the feedback. Like I had mentioned, the only thing I changed to get a successful installation this time was to change from Firefox to IE.





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I don't think so. I allways installed OpenCms using Firefox (about 20 times) on linux, windows and unix boxes. I sometimes had problems while installing, but I was able to solve them.

2005/11/28, JTosi at cme.com <JTosi at cme.com>:

I had installed opencms on a few different boxes (XP, Solaris, now
Linux) and never encountered any issues. However, this last install I
used firefox as the browser during installation.  There were two issues.
First, it could not find all of the modules, it only found 3 modules and 
I believe they were the general documentation.  Secondly, during the
install it kept on crashing on step 6, saying that database was
inaccessible.  I verified the database (Oracle) was accessible using
tnsping, sqlplus, and then creating a JDBC pool in Weblogic.  Out of 
curiosity, I switched browsers for the install, to IE.  The install then
picked up all of the modules and connected to the database without

How is this install tied to a browser during installation?  This baffles 
me.  The JDBC connection would be completely independent of the browser.
I did all of my weblogic configurations using Firefox without issue.

Is this a known bug?



Joel Tosi, Lead Systems Analyst, Internet Solutions Group

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