[opencms-dev] Version 6.0 Modules

Claus Priisholm cpr at codedroids.com
Mon Nov 28 10:13:34 CET 2005

Depending on your ambitions, you can look at one of the included 
modules. The flex-cache module is by far the simplest when it comes to 
the UI parts, so that is a good starting point. Using JSPs you can build 
your module on top of that very basic integration (check the properties 
on the given module folder in the VFS) - the module view is basically a 
frame so you can do whatever you want inside that.

If you want to build at module that mimics the more complex modules (in 
terms of the UI) then you have to start with one of those modules - you 
should then get the source code for them right away, since they 
integrate with a lot the v.6 module API - I haven't looked into that, so 
other are probably better to make comments to that as far as the best 
way to get going.

Stephen Callaghan wrote:
> I am trying to write my first module for Version 6.0, and thought I
> would attempt to upgrade Matt Butchers Velocity module for 5.0 as a
> starting point.
> However, there are huge changes in the code base from logging to
> exception handling to templates and i can find no documentation on the
> changes (this is the actual OpenCms API). I've got the Javadoc but its
> hard going with no examples.
> Any resources that would help me out?
> Thanks.
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