[opencms-dev] Re: OpenCms won't start any more:CmsVfsResourceNotFoundException

wang neil neil.wangnan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 02:11:32 CET 2005

i have the same problem on Fedora core 4 and suse 10. i got about 43xx lines
setup.log and the setup process didn't copy any file to webapps/opencms/

On 11/26/05, Jonathan Woods <jonathan.woods at scintillance.com> wrote:
> Chris -
> 1.  I wonder if having installed Eclipse you're now running under the
> Eclipse JRE or Sun JDK rather than whatever comes with the Mac.
> 2.  The presence of a process calling itself
> org.apache.catalina.Startup.Bootstrap just means that's how it was
> started, not that it is currently bootstrapping - so in other words it's
> just an ordinary running instance of Tomcat, which is generally kicked off
> by ...Bootstrap and which is needed during any install.
> 3.  I don't know where you're seeing the exception, but have you looked at
> webapps/opencms/WEB-INF/logs/opencms.log?
> But this is probably teaching you to suck eggs!
> Jon
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>  Hi folks,
> I've had no response from anyone else on this but I've done a lot of
> research myself.
> After re-installing OpenCms 6.0.2 a few times on my G4 PowerMac I now have
> a definite and consistent failure condition. It's the same as the one
> already quoted above (CmsVfsResourceNotFoundException) but it's absolutely
> consistent now.
> Then I installed OpenCms 6.0.2 on my PowerBook and it worked fine!
> But I noticed two things:
> - the number of lines generated by step_8_import_modules.jsp was only 4394
> on my G4 but was 11216 on my PB (no errors in either case)
> - during the install on the PB a java application is run and appears as a
> Finder application - org.apache.catalina.Startup.Bootstrap. I presume this
> is Tomcat being restarted during the install (can a webapp do that,
> though?). NOTE this does NOT happen on the G4. They are both running OS X
> 10.4.3 with the same version of Java 5.0 (the latest from Apple).
> So I tarred up and dumped the OpenCms install on the PowerBook and moved
> it to the G4.
> Started Tomcat and got exactly the same failure condition.
> Even though on the G4 only a fraction of the import appears to be
> happening this is not the cause of the failure - it's something else!
> Now this is a longshot but there is one factor: between OpenCms working
> and it not working I installed Eclipse. I do NOT have Eclipse installed on
> the PowerBook.
> But this can't have caused the problem surely? What would Eclipse install
> that could interfere with OpenCms working?
> BTW I have also repeated the exercise with OpenCms 6.0.3 now that it is
> out but it still fails.
> Any help from anyone is most appreciated!
> Thanks in advance - yours in desperation and two major websites to
> deliver!
> elucid
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