[opencms-dev] Re: OpenCms won't start any more: CmsVfsResourceNotFoundException

Chris Stephens sub1 at elucid.org
Sat Nov 26 04:31:06 CET 2005

Hi folks,

I've had no response from anyone else on this but I've done a lot of  
research myself.

After re-installing OpenCms 6.0.2 a few times on my G4 PowerMac I now  
have a definite and consistent failure condition. It's the same as  
the one already quoted above (CmsVfsResourceNotFoundException) but  
it's absolutely consistent now.

Then I installed OpenCms 6.0.2 on my PowerBook and it worked fine!

But I noticed two things:

- the number of lines generated by step_8_import_modules.jsp was only  
4394 on my G4 but was 11216 on my PB (no errors in either case)

- during the install on the PB a java application is run and appears  
as a Finder application - org.apache.catalina.Startup.Bootstrap. I  
presume this is Tomcat being restarted during the install (can a  
webapp do that, though?). NOTE this does NOT happen on the G4. They  
are both running OS X 10.4.3 with the same version of Java 5.0 (the  
latest from Apple).

So I tarred up and dumped the OpenCms install on the PowerBook and  
moved it to the G4.

Started Tomcat and got exactly the same failure condition.

Even though on the G4 only a fraction of the import appears to be  
happening this is not the cause of the failure - it's something else!

Now this is a longshot but there is one factor: between OpenCms  
working and it not working I installed Eclipse. I do NOT have Eclipse  
installed on the PowerBook.

But this can't have caused the problem surely? What would Eclipse  
install that could interfere with OpenCms working?

BTW I have also repeated the exercise with OpenCms 6.0.3 now that it  
is out but it still fails.

Any help from anyone is most appreciated!

Thanks in advance - yours in desperation and two major websites to  

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