[opencms-dev] understanding that Site listbox

Code Create, Bernd Wolfsegger bw at code-create.com
Fri Nov 25 11:47:15 CET 2005

"Sites" and "projects" in OpenCms are two completely different concepts and 
got nothing to do with each other.
A "project" is just a grouping of ressources, so you can have many projects 
inside a site :) But it's also possible to make a site a project, just by 
adding all site resources to a specified project.
Though the other way round, I think it is no good idea to have many sites 
inside one project...
A site is defined in the opencms-system.xml in the sites node.

Kind regards, Bernd Wolfsegger

On Friday, 25. November 2005 11:30, Christoph P. Kukulies wrote:
> I thought I do it right this time and create a folder beside
> /sites/default, that is, /sites/mycustomer. Intention is, to create a new
> project
> and import everything in and below /sites/mycustomer.
> Was able to create it.
> Why am I forced to create an index file, BTW?
> Now I go into Administrator mode and create a new project. But where in
> heavens name do I specify the root (folder /sites/mycustomer) in the
> project creation process? How can I ever make this directory
> /sites/mycustomer appear in the Site listbox? What is the purpose of
> this Site listbox then, actually?
> Confused.
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