[opencms-dev] Remote Data Sources

Stephen Callaghan clanjava at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 23:27:04 CET 2005

We are about to implement an OpenCms solution which will sit in its
own DMZ but will need some access to data held on a backend mainframe
system. Currently the backend is wrapped in a SOAP interface but we
have a free hand to implement any solution we need.

Three questions.
1) Am I right in thinking that to access this remote data we will need
to implement our own custom Resource Type?
2) Has anyone already implemented a SOAP Resource Type (presuming this
could be an extension of the XML Resource)
3) We also need to handle authentication via this mechanism as all
usernames and passwords need to be stored outwith the DMZ to comply
with company policy. Again has anyone implemented remote


Stephen Callaghan.

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