[opencms-dev] Module Action class updateModule method

Joachim Arrasz info at arrasz.de
Thu Nov 24 16:08:15 CET 2005


> I believe Tomcat is not enough because the context needs the "reloadable"
> attribute set to "true". In a production environment, that's not the case
> because it affects performance significantly.

well, this is better than restart the context by yourself each time.

> Moreover, Tomcat would restart the whole context, destroying all the
> sessions and interrupting service.

Hm, but this isn't really bad in my opinion, is it?

> In a website with static export enabled, reloadable=true and restarting
> automatically can be an option. But I'm afraid that option falls short when
> considering sites where the offline and online versions are served from
> tomcat directly.

i think this is no problem as long as you have no "backoffice" part in 
your online webapp. Then the session is destroyed but the user will not 
see this.

Another option could be the usage of JBoss. Here the Tomcat destroys no 
sessions if you add a lib as far as i know. Next possibility could be to 
configure tomcat in this way that the sessions are stored in a database 
instead of the ram. So you are able to manage the session handling at 
reload cycle by yourself.


Joachim Arrasz

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