[opencms-dev] ModuleParameter for unque counter

Christof Dallermassl ce-christof.dallermassl at bearingpoint.com
Thu Nov 24 14:12:51 CET 2005


When are the module parameter persisted? When I set a new module parameter 
from a java class it is persisted right away (check in 
Administration/Module/ModuleParams). [update: no, not always!] 
But when I set an already existing param to a new value: get Param from java 
class returns the new value, but in the Administration/Module/ModuleParam the 
previous value is still there. And after a tomcat restart, the first value is 
there. So a "second" setting will not survive a newstart! 

It seems to me, that the method that writes the data into the 
opencms-module.xml file is not called when a parameter is rewritten.

As this is a real show-stopper for our project in the moment, is there another 
possibility to store a module-specific value in the system? I need a counter 
that creates unique ids over time and is less than 5 digits long (so I 
thought I use a module param and add 1 everytime I need a new id).

I'm using a cvs version (because of the frozen property bug) of 6.0.2, mysql 
4.1, tomcat 5.5.9 and linux.


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